Our Values

These core values are foundational to every aspect of Elevate’s programs and partnerships and they inform and inspire the pursuit of our mission and vision:

Transformational Development

We pursue partnerships, programs and projects that embrace the principles and practices of transformational development to reflect our emphasis on, and commitment to holistic, integrated relief and development work that empowers communities and individuals to become self-sufficient and that affirms the value and dignity of every human being.

We commit our energies, strategies, resources and programs toward one end: strengthening the capacity of the vulnerable to achieve self-sufficient, sustainable communities that affirm their God-given worth and dignity.


We are passionate about partnerships. Locally, we engage partnerships with businesses, faith-based communities and civic organizations that share our commitment to community service and volunteerism in an effort to marshal the relationships and resources needed to serve the most vulnerable. Globally, we engage trusted partnerships with proven community development organizations that embrace a holistic approach, have a local presence, engage transformational development principles and practices and evidence a commitment to work hand in hand with vulnerable communities to achieve sustainability and self-sufficiency.

Effective Compassion

Our passion, partnerships and programs are inspired by the principles of effective compassion for the world’s most vulnerable. Our compassionate care has a global reach and transformational impact as we endeavor to serve and come alongside the marginalized in the forgotten places of our world in a way that empowers and charts a course for self-sufficiency and sustainability.


We celebrate the power of volunteerism to change lives – ours and those we serve. We mobilize relationships and resources by engaging volunteers of all ages and walks of life to nurture vibrant communities among the vulnerable. 


We are committed to discovering innovative solutions to vulnerable communities’ most complex challenges and to resourcing solutions through investment in social entrepreneurs whose innovations empower, lift and build the capacity of vulnerable communities to overcome barriers to health, opportunity and self-sufficiency.


We passionately pursue excellence in our service to others and aspire to serve others well in all we do. We achieve this by cultivating a culture of excellence characterized by integrity, humility, effective stewardship, accountability, transparency, outstanding customer service, best management practices and innovation.