Corporate Volunteer Program

Elevate aims to be your one-stop destination for corporate volunteer service opportunities that build team unity, infuse fun into your company’s community engagement and invite your employees to “party with a purpose” as you celebrate corporate milestones and accomplishments.

Elevate can help you engage your corporate talent in local and global service opportunities to fulfill your corporate social responsibility commitments.

Our events are outstanding opportunities for cross-functional teams to foster relationships and strengthen synergy while serving together.

And we are known for ensuring your team has FUN giving back to the communities in which your employees live, work and learn!

Elevate has the capacity to engage a full range of your team members from every walk of life in volunteer service opportunities all at one time – from a few to as many as thousands of your employees serving together in unity.

Elevate also can provide a volunteer service experience directly at your preferred location – whether that be your corporate office, manufacturing plant, community picnic, holiday party or a community venue of your choosing.

Volunteer service events can be arranged during the business day, the evening or on weekends. We are highly flexible to meet your needs.

Service opportunities require low-level skills to more technical and specialized talent. Elevate can accommodate most interests and special needs.

Elevate offers one-time volunteer opportunities consisting of a time commitment of a few hours to a half or full day and even ongoing opportunities for employees that need to fulfill quarterly or annual community service expectations.

Let Elevate help your corporate team and employees “party with a purpose” as you engage together in community service!

Please contact Christina at to explore opportunities.