About Us

Elevate is all about people – their dreams, potential and well being. We aspire to serve others effectively in ways that inspire, transform and uplift.

This commitment applies just as much to the tens of thousands of local volunteers we mobilize and the global partnerships we marshal as it does to the vulnerable communities we come alongside to help build their capacity to achieve self-sufficiency.

Elevate is in the business of transformation. We foster vibrant communities of hope among the most vulnerable – one volunteer and one community at a time.

Our passion for people and their potential inspires our commitment to human empowerment. It ignites our boundless creativity as we pursue innovative strategies to unleash and empower the awesome, limitless potential of every human being, regardless of circumstance, to transform his or her own life and community.

Founded in 2014, Elevate has been 25 years in the making. It is the culmination of years spent in the trenches serving among vulnerable and broken communities around the globe listening and learning what works, what doesn’t and how best to serve and come alongside. And it’s born of extensive reflection on, and witness to, what it takes to meaningfully engage volunteers to achieve transformational impact as we partner together – locally and globally – to build the marginalized’s capacity to achieve self-sufficiency.

And we’re still listening and learning.

Elevate provides world changers of all ages and from all walks of life an opportunity to embrace and engage a simple principle: small purposeful actions locally by volunteers can have a transformational impact globally that lift communities out of poverty, hopelessness, dependency and hunger while promoting peace, prosperity, justice, wellness and wholeness.

We invite you to learn and serve with us as we pursue our innovative E3 strategy to mobilize and engage local volunteers and global partnerships to foster vibrant communities among the most vulnerable.